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About us

Our company manufactures disposable plastic containers. We specialize in the production of PS, OPS, PP and PET  trays available in various colours. We have been operating on the packaging market since 1995.

Our experience in the food container production allows us to meet the highest sanitary requirements and to manufacture high quality containers always delivered on time to our clients.

We have a great experience and know-how in the field of container design. Products packed in our containers can be found in local shops as well as on the shelves of the main supermarket chains in Poland.

Our company manufactures disposable plastic containers.

Our address

ul. Bałuckiego 1
30-318 Kraków

+ 48 12 266 62 25
+ 48 12 267 22 10

Disposable plastic containers

Disposable plastic containers: PS, OPS, PP and PET trays used for packing cookies, confectionary products, fruit, vegetables, salads and meat.

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